The Bedford River Festival is held every two years stretching from Bedford High Street and along the river embankment to Russell Park.

The event attracts 300,000 people over the two days, and is an opportunity not to be missed in advertising the presence of Scouting, and enhancing our search for new members and volunteers.

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This year we had an events shelter in Mill Meadows along from the band-stand, with a steady stream of visitors passing by our location.
A big thank-you to the team of volunteers who helped run the pitch over the weekend, offering a range of activities for visitors including fire-lighting, tying knots with edible straws, map-reading, and making catapults out of ice-lolly sticks.

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Over the weekend, the District was able to make introductions and contacts with various other organisations, including the Police Cyber Protection unit, with potential for Groups to arrange activities with these organisations in the future. We also received a number of enquiries for volunteer roles and for new members. Overall, the weekend was a huge success. Well done all

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