Returning to face to face scouting guidance

Quick reference guide PDF

Quick reference guide

Please remember returning to face-to-face scout meetings and activities is voluntary and needs to be done with documented consent of volunteers, parents/guardians and young people.



Section Leaders

  • Write a risk assessment using the template following the guidance for leaders in the HQ framework. This should be written with your GSL and other section  leaders for each section and for every location the group wishes to meet in.
  • Get recorded clarification that adult volunteers and young members are happy to return—see the example letters available, This could be by email or even text.


  • Share your sections risk assessments with your group exec for comments and          approval. You can also check it against the assessors guide.
  • Confirm with section leader that you are happy for the risk assessment to be submitted to district (you could even submit it for them).

Section Leader or GSL

District Approvers

  • Review any risk assessments submitted (an automatic email is received when one is submitted through the form).
  • Check all adults returning have their safety & safeguarding training in date and any outstanding DBSs are in process.
  • Confirm with the GSL they have reviewed the risk assessment.
  • Complete the approval form, or decline with guidance notes as to what may need to be amended or added by the section.
  • Log a copy of the risk assessment with the district.
  • Confirm with DC that a section of a group is planning to return.


  • Send each section approval to county.
  • Maintain a record of which sections of groups that have returned & when.

Risk assessments should be dynamically reviewed as things change, and should also be reviewed formally on a monthly basis, as we move through the year as weather, circumstances and readiness levels change.


Example Risk Assessment

Any questions to help you in completing risk assessments or restarting meetings please contact


Local Campsites Risk Assessments – for activity planning

Leslie Sell Activity Centre – Bromham

Approach to COVID and Outdoor Scouting – dated 18.08.20

Outdoor Hire Risk Assessment – dated 13.08.20

Approach to COVID and Indoor Hire – dated 03.09.20

Indoor Hire Risk Assessment – dated 03.09.20

Jordan’s Close Campsite – Great Barford

Site Use Risk Assessment – dated 23.07.20

Water Activities Risk Assessment – dated 23.07.20

Archery Risk Assessment – dated 19.08.20


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