District Beavers FAB Day 2016

Date: 10th Sep 2016 Author: Scout Websites

With the youngest section of Scouts turning 30 this year what better way to celebrate this monumental anniversary than fun activities and camping?! This wonderful District FAB camp event was planned by District Commissioner Greg Kilpin, Assistant district commissioner for Beavers Michelle Frost (otherwise known as Rainbow Dave) and a great team of people.

So the weekend of 10th September saw me once again bagging up roll mats, sleeping bags, clothes and snacks , it’s surprising just how much stuff you need to take for one night away! Arriving at Jordans Close Activity Centre was an event in itself, with 200 odd Beavers and countless leaders/helper attending, the entire road was gridlocked with cars and minivans as everyone tried to deposit their little darlings and unpack a multitude of bags and equipment.

We parked at the top of the road and carted all our gear the few minutes to the entrance where Brickhill GSL Dawn (Jessie) was attempting to direct the traffic and telling poor people who were just trying to get passed that they needed to park up on the verge! She did an amazing job of trying to control the masses though.

As our Group had chosen to take the offered opportunity to camp over we deposited belongings in the tents (which were cleverly left up from the previous weeks Cubs BAG camp) and assembled our Beavers. It was so exciting looking around and seeing all the different Beaver Groups and a myriad of necker colours amid the sea of little heads. My son and I were even fortunate to see children we know who attend other Groups. Events like these are a great way for Leaders and Beavers alike from different Groups to get to know each other and compare notes.

The brilliant team had arranged a selection of activities to keep the Beavers entertained and we got stuck in with gusto. Unfortunately due to the very British weather we were unable to do the Bell boating or inflatables which had been on the original itinerary however there was so much to do that they were hardly even missed by the Beavers.

District Beavers FAB Day 2016
District Beavers FAB Day 2016

In our groups we did a round robin of the activities which included fun challenges, water bottle rockets, archery, kite making (with of course kite flying), geocaching, backwoods cooking and human hungry hippos. The fun was non stop and the thankfully the rain held off for most of the day.

Activities ran all day with a break for lunch which as you can image was a hectic affair, trying to feed 200 Beavers and assorted adults is not a quick event but with leaders stepping in to offer their help all were fed and watered without too much stress.
The daytime portion of the event was finished off with a mass sing song around the campfire led by the gregarious DC Greg and thought the heavens had opened by this point we all enjoyed singing songs from the traditional to the slightly absurd, from the splendid to the sublime.

District Beavers FAB Day 2016
District Beavers FAB Day 2016

Once the last note of Kumbaya had been sung most groups packed up their belongings and packed off their Beavers back to their parents. Brickhill and Putnoe however were camping over so off they went to get changed before dinner which was a slightly less raucous affair than the previous meal. The evening consisted of hot chocolate,cakes and roasting marshmallows to make s’mores around the campfire along with a little glow stick hide and seek before weary Beavers were sent to their sleeping bags and lights out!

So ended the first annual FAB camp!! Here’s to the team for putting it all together and looking forward to 2017!!!

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls