Uniform Retail Prices

Item Description Retail Price
Youth Plastic Woggle £0.20
Plain Embossed Leather Woggle £1.50
Gold Embossed Leather Woggle £1.50
Belt and Buckle Set (S-XL) £16.00
Belt and Buckle Set (XL-XXL) £18.00
Youth Activity Trousers £18.00
Girls Activity Trousers £18.00
Youth Activity Shorts £17.00
Mens Activity Trousers £29.00
Ladies Activity Trousers £29.00
Beavers Tipped Sweatshirt £14.00
Beavers Tipped Polo Shirt £12.50
Cubs Tipped Sweatshirt £14.50
Cubs Tipped Polo Shirt £13.50
Scouts Long-Sleeved Shirt £20.00
Scouts Long-Sleeved Blouse £20.00
Explorers Long-Sleeved Shirt £24.00
Explorers Long-Sleeved Blouse £24.00
Adult Long-Sleeved Shirt £24.00
Adult Long-Sleeved Blouse £24.00
Beavers Record Cards (pack of 10) £3.00
Beavers Investiture Certificates (pack of 10) £4.00
Beavers ‘Adventure all the way’ Book £5.00
Beavers Badges and Awards Book £4.00
Beavers Badges and Awards Poster £3.50
Cubs Record Cards (pack of 10) £3.00
Cubs Investiture Certificates (pack of 10) £4.00
Cubs Activity Log Book £6.00
Cubs Badges and Awards Book £4.00
Cubs Badges and Awards Poster £3.00
Scouts Record Cards (pack of 10) £3.00
Scouts Investiture Certificates (pack of 10) £4.00
Scouts Activity and Log Books 1-3 £10.00
Scouts Badges and Awards Book £4.00
Scouts Badges and Awards Poster £3.00
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls